7 Best Subject Lines For Networking Emails That Will Make You A Master Networker

As the name suggests, networking emails are for building your network. A well-written networking email can help you connect with experts and other influential figures in various fields.

Today, people seem to have a skewed idea of how networking works and end up never getting anywhere with their networking endeavors.

If you want to connect with the experts in your field, understand that other people are also vying for their attention, which means that you need to stand out. You need the recipient to open your email to even have a chance to correspond with them.

This is precisely what we will discuss in this article - writing the perfect networking email subject line to boost the chances of getting them to open your email and reply.

What Makes An Excellent Networking Subject Line?

All effective networking email subject lines tend to have the following qualities:

  • They are friendly
  • They are valuable and relevant to the reader
  • They are concise
  • They trigger curiosity

Best Practices And Tips To Write Networking Email Subject Lines

Before we get to the 7 best networking email subject lines you can use to become an excellent networker, we shall take a gander at some of the best practices and tips to employ to write good subject lines for introduction emails.

Personalize Them

According to Finances Online, There was a 50% increase in open rates of emails with personalized subject lines.

No one wants to open emails that they think are spam or irrelevant. They often perceive it to be a waste of their time. However, if you can convey that your email is worth opening because it concerns them, you will significantly boost your chances of getting them to open your email.

Two excellent ways to personalize your networking email subject line is by:

  • Mentioning their name (they will notice this)
  • Mentioning a piece of information that concerns them - a book they wrote, a podcast they were on, or you meeting them at a networking event, etc.

Keep It Short And To The Point

There are a couple of reasons you should do this:

  1. No one wants to beat around the bush. A short networking email subject line that tells the story can get their attention better than a long-winded subject line that doesn’t tell the story.
  2. Most people read emails on their phone, which means that they may not read the entire subject line. Wouldn’t it be a complete waste if your email was exceptional but your subject line wasn’t good enough to get the reader’s attention?

If you want to keep your networking email subject line short and sweet, consider using a subject line checker tool online.

Offer Value

Will they get anything useful out of your email if they open it? If not, you may have to rethink your email and subject line. If you do not have anything to offer - compliments, insights, a tool, article, or any other resource that they would probably deem useful, do not expect them to open your email.

Keep these things in mind when you craft your networking email subject line.

Ask…But Not Too Much

When you are dealing with someone who has more leverage than you (in this case, an expert in your field), you need to be careful with what you ask. You can ask a quick question or for their opinion on something.

However, asking them to do you favors before having built rapport is a big no-no.

Trigger Curiosity

One of the best ways to stand out is by taking a genuine interest in what they do. An easy way to start is by asking interesting questions that other people probably haven’t asked them yet. The more you familiarize yourself with their life and work, the better questions you can ask, hence improving your chances of starting a conversation.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Writing Network Email Lines?

While employing the best practices to write excellent subject lines for networking emails, it is vital to avoid critical mistakes. Here are a few common mistakes you ought to avoid:

Portraying Yourself As A Stranger

Sure, you aren’t best friends. However, by stressing the fact that you are a stranger, you are giving them a reason not to talk to you. There is no benefit to telling them they probably do not remember you.

Instead, keep your subject lines friendly, short, and interesting.

Asking For Too Much

We mentioned this in the previous section. When you make it clear that you want something from them without really offering much in return, they will likely ignore you because they do not want the burden of having to invest time and energy in talking to a random stranger.

Saying things like -

I’d love to pick your brain, Can you help me with (insert something), Please help me with (insert something), you’re coming across as too needy giving them the impression that you need them more than they need you.

Writing A Long, Incoherent Email Subject Line

Most people will take a second or two to look at your email subject line to see if it is worth their time, which means that your networking email subject line has to be short, sweet, and tell the story. Not doing this will give the recipient no reason to open your email.

7 Best Networking Email Subject Lines

Now that you know know what a good networking email subject line looks like, here are some networking email subject line examples you can use:

I loved your (thoughts, article, podcast - insert something that they’ve done or said)

This is an excellent way to get in touch with someone because:

  • It tells them you’ve been following them
  • It’s personal, relevant, and value adding
  • Who doesn’t like compliments?

Everyone in positions of power are looking for like-minded people they can connect with. An email subject line like this can help you get your foot in the door.

We met at (insert place) with (mutual contact)

If you met this person at an event, make sure you remind them. Having met them with a mutual friend is a huge plus because this makes your email a warm email. You do not have to worry about coming across as a stranger because of your mutual connection.

Here are some alternatives -

Do you know (mutual connection name)?

(Mutual connection name) suggested I say hello to you!

Hi (name), I’m following up on our call the other day

If you had already spoken to this person and planned to arrange another meeting, following up with a simple networking subject line like this should do the trick.

It is friendly, short, and to the point, which means that they are likely to read your email and write back.

Introducing Myself!

This subject line is as straightforward as it gets. The recipient can read this and immediately know what your intentions are, which is ideal. It is short, concise, and friendly.

Fellow (Insert a commonality), looking to connect!

If you have something in common with the recipient, like a qualification, interest, etc., mention that in the email subject line. This works because it is short, friendly, relevant, adds value (i.e., gives them a reason to read it), and grabs attention.

6 ways (insert company name) can benefit from (insert idea)

If you think you solve a problem for them, sending an email line like this can get them to reply. After all, why would they not want to benefit? However, if you are sending an email (and subject line) like this, you need to have done your research first to know what their pain points are.

Again, you want your email subject line to be relevant and value-adding.

Are you planning to (insert activity, event)

This is an excellent networking email subject line you can send people because it triggers curiosity. If they are speaking at the event that you’ve mentioned in your subject line, they might engage with you, and you could catch them at the event.

If not, they will still be curious enough to find out what the event is all about. Either way, they will engage with you.

Other Email Networking Email Subject Line Examples

If the 7 subject lines explained above aren’t enough for you, here are a few more examples you can use:

1. I was referred to you by (insert friend or mutual connection name)

2. Biggest takeaways from your (speech, talk, podcast)

3. Can I help you with (insert pain point)?

4. Just here to congratulate you on (insert achievement)

5. I think this article is for you!


So, there you have it - 7 awesome networking email subject lines to help you get started with your networking efforts. The subject lines mentioned in this article are good examples, but you can craft your own email subject lines to avoid sending the same email subject lines to everyone.

Ultimately, make sure your email subject lines are straightforward, short, friendly, relevant, and value-adding. Stick to these tips, and it will not be long before the people you want to talk to…want to talk to you!.